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“Utopia” finds its Genesis in Greece means the ideal way of living in our new society which may be a fantasy for maybe 99% of the denizens in this world.

Present society has made a quantum jump in technology, medicine, healthcare, research and infrastructure but no significant improvements have been made in personal attitudes, habits, limiting beliefs, relationships and personal wellbeing.

If present society boasts of higher economic growth and better living conditions as against vertical growth in areas of spirituality and inner transformation to be a better human being and not just “human doing”. Unless these basic issues are addressed we cannot dream to go very far as societies will ultimately destroy each other on pretext of ego, envy, lust, illusion, arrogance and jealousy.

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That’s what we are aiming to do in UTOPIA since 1998 to bring about inner transformation in human beings by using scientific proven tools like NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) Six Sigma, Management Tools like Kaizen, balance score cards and psychometric analysis and much more.

In short we are endeavoring to take human closer to nature by transforming our thought process, balanced economics at personal, corporate and national level, better religious understanding and implementation of ideals, inner freedom and peace to ultimately lead to “WORLD PEACE”.

Utopia learning programs touch every aspect of human life from students to kids, to teenagers, young adults, adults, senior citizen and women.

As humans have different challenges at different ages and as we are constantly evolving to reach the “Utopian State” unconsciously our programs help you cut the time and effort and give you the quantum jump to be way ahead of others in all aspects of your life.