Spiritual Course


1. Reiki 1st degree 1 day course R
2nd degree 2 day course
3rd degree 2 day course
Masters degree 1 week full
Grand Masters 2 day course
2. Karuna Reiki Level 1 1 day
Level 2 1 day
Masters 1 day
3. Magnified Healing 1 day
4. Acupressure Basic ½ day course
5. Yoga with Pranayama Basic 3 week (every alternate day for 3 hours)
6. Melchezdek Program 1st level 3 days
2nd level 4 days
3rd level 4 days
Combined 1st and 2nd level is
4th level 4 days
7. Hypnosis Basic 1 day
Advanced 2 day
8. NLP Basic Practioner 3 day
NLP Master Practionei 3 day
NLP Trainer 5 day
9. Psychic Healing with dowsing Basic 1 day
10. Fengshui 1 day
11. Aromatherapy Basic ½ day
12. Mantra Sadana Basic 1 day
Intermediate 2 days
Advanced 3 days
13. Money mantra Basic 1 day
14. Egyptian CarFonche Basic 2 days
16. Children Workshop 10 DAYS of 2hrs daily


Level one Basic of human anatomy and systems

  • Details of endocrines system
  • The various charkas in our body with their functions
  • Aura and its functions
  • Levels of consciousness
  • History of Reiki
  • History of Reiki Masters
  • Why Reiki is required?
  • Attunement of Reiki
  • (4 times as per traditional Usui systems)
  • How to heal ourselves?
  • How to heal others?
  • Specific points for healing different diseases
  • Reiki meditation
  • How to use Reiki to non-living things?

Level Two Advanced details on human psychology

  • Importance of positive attitude
  • 3 sacred symbols of Reiki
  • How to use these symbols to heal anyone remotely anywhere in the world.
  • How to use Reiki to heal negative emotions.
  • Details of psychosomatic disorders
  • Beefing of cause of diseases and their cure
  • How to heal self and other?
  • Advanced Reiki meditation
  • How to achieve things using Reiki?
  • 2nd degree attunement

Level Three Usui Master symbol for personal power is revealed

  • Advanced meditation
  • Activation of specific charkas
  • How to activate Hui-Yin?
  • How to prepare crystal grid for healing family, business, self and others.
  • How to use Reiki using pyramids, acupressure, aromatherapy
  • How to heal terminal and chronic diseases?

Master (3B) 2 attunement symbols are revealed

  • How to attune others into 1st, 2nd and 3A?
  • Master meditation
  • How to call your spirit guides and Reiki masters?
  • How to clear space of negative energy?
  • How to teach level 1, 2 and 3A class
  • What kind of questions we can expect?
  • Wide reference of books are recommended
  • How to market yourself
  • Advanced Reiki information and secret
  • Master attunements

Grand Masters (3C) Grand Master symbol is revealed along with its uses

  • How to attune others into Masters?
  • Sacred teaching of Dr Usui, Mrs. Takata and Dr. Hayashi
  • Grand master Meditation
  • Grand Master Attunement

Both Mr. Sumeet Sharma & Mrs. Lalitha Sharma are students of Mrs. Dipti Gandhi who is one of the first Reiki Masters in the world.

Acupressure (Basic)

Why Acupressure?

  • History of acupressure
  • Different acupressure and reflex points
  • How to use different tools for acupressure?
  • Details of diseases, which can be healed using acupressure
  • Stress points, energy points in our body
  • How to give acupressure to self and others?

Yoga with Pranayama

What is Yoga?

  • Levels of ascension in yoga
  • Daily practice of breathing exercises
  • Simple asanas to activate energy and chakra within us
  • Specific asanas and pranayama for specific problems
  • Yoga for stress management

Melchizedek Method

Please log on to http://www.melchezdekmethod.com/ for more details


BASIC Details of Brain

  • Details of subconscious mind.
  • How subconscious/unconscious works.
  • How we create problems for ourselves?.
  • Will power V/s imagination.
  • How to hypnotise ourselves.
  • Different states of vibration.
  • Details of psychosomatic disorders.
  • How to heal ourselves very hypnosis.
  • Creative visualization and affirmations.
  • Different subliminal music.

Advanced Hypnosis (2 days)

  • How to hypnotise others?
  • Progressive relaxation
  • Past life repression
  • Healing our past
  • Out of Body ( OBE ) experience
  • How to program the subconscious using positive affirmations and visualization?
  • How to heal difficult problems in life?
  • Mind related diseases
  • Automatic writing
  • Meeting our guides and spirits
  • Daily practice of hypnosis
  • Non verbal hypnosis
  • Instant hypnosis
  • Astral travel

Psychic Healing

BASIC (1 day) What is psychic Power?

  • How to increase the same
  • Psychic yantras
  • How to heal psychically?
  • How to use pendulum
  • Science of dowsing
  • How to find answers using pendulum?
  • Science of dowsing
  • How to find answers using pendulum?
  • Locating water, lost items, answer of future, business, family and relation problems.

Advanced (2 day) Psychic attunement

  • How to activate our merkaba?
  • Planetary influence on our psychic
  • How to scan using psychic power.
  • How to scan people psychically
  • How to see Aura’s?
  • How to connect to spirits and guides of higher dimension?
  • Talking to birds, animals and other things in nature
  • Advanced chakra meditation

Fengshui (1 day) What are Fengshui and Chinese Vastu?

  • Effect of negative vibrations in us
  • How to detect problems in house, office?
  • Use of chimes, dragons, symbols in Fengshui
  • Do it your self-correction
  • Different uses of Fengshui
  • Theory and background of Fengshui
  • Use of pendulum in Fengshui
  • How to select land, property, house and planning interiors using Fengshui

Aroma therapy

Basics of Aroma Oils ( ½ day)

  • Different Aroma Oils with their properties and uses
  • How to use essential oils?
  • How to use oils far different Ailments
  • Blinding of different oils for enhanced results
  • How aroma oils act on human body and brain
  • Different ways of using aroma oils in our bath, vaporizers, massage, healing self and others.

Mantra Healing

1.What is Mantra and how it acts? ( ½ day)

  • Yogic Chakras
  • Background of Vedantic system of chanting mantra
  • Detailed explanation of different mantras for different end results like

2.Self healing

3.Handling Fear

4.Handling worries


6.Abundance and health

7.Peace of mind

Explanation from Gita/Veda’s/Shiva Sutras/Tantra Shastra on importance of rituals and how they work. Daily routine for getting best results

Money Mantra( ½ day)

  • What is Abundance?
  • Why people do not become rich?
  • How to attract abundance?
  • Daily affirmations
  • 40 day powerful positive affirmation schedule
  • Secret Kubera Mantra is revealed with Kubera Yantra
  • Daily schedule
  • Proper attitude to life and people.