Programs for General Public


“Utopia” conducts programs fro general public from all walks of life right from children to teens to young adults and working professionals and even house wives. Life challenges change as we age and learning is the only anti dote to counter these challenges in life.

  1. Spoken & written English course.
  2. Personality development
  3. Communication skills for working professionals
  4. Presentations skills for team leaders and project managers.
  5. Body language.
  6. Etiquettes & mannerisms.
  7. Stress management.
  8. Yoga for stress and health management.
  9. Finishing school for fresher’s and others.
  10. Other specific issues like goal setting, fear management, better memory, relationship issues, etc can be handled on case to case basis by individual counseling.


This is a 3 months certificate course where it covers all aspects of Yoga like Hatha yoga for physical body, Pranayama for emotional body, Dhyana for mental body and Dharana/ Prathihara for spiritual growth.

More than 150 asanas are taught with detailed explanation and CD’s to enable one to practice at home even after the course. Even specific asanas are taught for modern day stress related disorders like BP, Diabetes, sinus, migraine, back pain and common ailments like cold/ cough etc.

This course guarantees good health if proper practice is done and disciplined life is followed by the Practioner. Another 2 months one can do a trainers course and get the ability to teach with host of DVD’s and books given for deeper understanding of Yoga in every aspect of life.